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Lauren Yun Tong Guo

as featured in the Expat Lifestyle, November 2014. 

"I love how all of my teachers are positive and encouraging. As a student growing in this positive attitude, we also learn to become more optimistic and helpful towards our peers. SIS is my home - not only because I am Canadian; but I feel that I can fully express myself through my work when I am in this positive environment."

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Mr & Mrs Bhwindar Singh

Parents of Angelina Dial Bates Khosa, currently studying in Grade 7,
and Mareah Marie Bates Khosa, currently studying in Grade 8

Sunway International School, SIS, has exceeded our academic expectations. The innovative approach to education motivates and builds self-confidence in the students. This in turn seems to fuel a genuine interest in learning. As a family, we are very satisfied with the overall educational environment at SIS.

Mr & Mrs Victor Siow

Parents of Estelle Siow Zhi Qian, currently studying in Grade 9
SIS Music Scholarship Recipient

“SIS first caught our attention when my wife and I were introduced to SIS by their former principal, Mr. John Futa, whom is a personal friend of us. We discovered that SIS is based on Ontario Secondary School guidelines and it is a must that all lecturers must be certified by Ontario College of Teachers. Besides strict lecturing, they also offer a range of extra-curriculum activities that includes field trips and community services. We find that their lectures are supportive as they will give-up their personal time to tutor. In addition, their system on parent-teacher meetings is extremely useful where each parent get an opportunity to meet their respective lecturers in a one-to-one basis and ask as many questions as possible pertaining to their child's performance. Furthermore, we as parents can monitor their progress and homework via SIS e-Learn portal called the Blackboard. The spectrum that SIS offers to our child is limitless as we know that our child can choose to do her A-levels or CIMP program and the list goes on the minute she graduates from Grade 11. Since Estelle joined SIS in year 2011, SIS was it and there is no looking-back since then.”

Mr & Mrs Soon Le Meng

Parents of Soon Wern-Shynn, currently studying in Grade 8 
SIS Music Scholarship Recipient

“Our emphasis of a good school is that it must have the capacity to deliver high-quality education and at the same time engaging the students; thus bringing out the best in them. The crucial factor which helped in our decision was that the school has a team of Canadian-qualified teachers in their respective areas of specialization as well as in the area of education. We are pleased to say that we have made the right decision of placing Wern-Shynn in Sunway International School. The teachers built on her strength while at the same time helped her on the areas which needed improvements. The curriculum also exposed her to a vast and varied scope of studies making learning enjoyable. Most importantly, SIS is equipping Wern-Shynn with the knowledge and learning skills - learning the right way to learn, which will certainly be very instrumental to her in her higher level education.”

Mr & Mrs Tanimoto

Parents of Mana Tanimoto, 
currently studying in Grade 10

"Our daughter was shy when she enrolled SIS, but now she is really enjoying her school life with many nationalities, friends, dedicated teachers, and friendly administration staff. Based on solid English program, recently she is trying to pass the OSSLT and OSSLD of Ontario that is a gate of to go to the university in the world."

Aulia Ahmad

SIS graduated in 2012, currently studying Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar

"Sunway above all was a marvelous experience. As a Sunway International School student, I was exposed to extra curricular and this made me realize the importance of having a balance life, to explore new activities and discover life, to explore new activities and discover new talents. My learning journey continued with A-Level where my lecturers' strong and continuous belief that I would become a straight-A student gave me the strength that I truly needed to succeed. The support I received from my lecturers and friends in Sunway brought me to where I am today and the learning experiences I gained during my time there will forever remain with me."

Foo Jia Kai

SIS graduated in 2009, currently studying Juris Doctor (Law), Australian National University, Australia

“It was in SIS where I was able to fully explore my own capabilities, and I came out the top student of my cohort year. After SIS, I went on to the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) and was able to obtain a scholarship. SIS provided me the prerequisites and knowledge to do well in CIMP. I had fantastic teachers in SIS who were more than willing to give guidance and moral support. They also organised extra-curricular activities such as football and band to help students relax after a long day of classes. I had never felt so eager to go to school and it was like my second home.”

- SIS has provided me with a strong foundation for my further studies in CIMP -

Muhammad Saleh bin Raghib

SIS graduated in 2012
Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship Recipient

"I was very fortunate to reach the peak of my high school years at SIS. It was made possible by the committed teachers who answered every query I had and who always stimulated my interests in each and every class. The broad out to different fields and to discover my strengths and weaknesses in determining what career path to follow in the future."

Sherren Soesanto

SIS graduated in 2012, currently studying Business Management at Sunway University
Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship Recipient and SIS Scholar

“SIS has provided me with a strong foundation for my further studies in CIMP. The two years of learning experience in SIS has been a pleasurable one. All the teaching staff are Canadian-certified professionals and are the best in their related fields. They are extremely friendly and approachable. They are always more than willing to help and encourage their students as well as provide them with the guidance needed to strive for excellence. In SIS, learning is fun. I got interact with people from different cultures and put my knowledge into use instead of just memorizing learning materials. Upon graduation, I have bought with me not only invaluable knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout the years but also the countless beautiful memories that will always bring a smile to my face.”

- It was in SIS where I was able to fully explore my own capabilities -