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Principal's Message




Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to welcome you all to Sunway International School, Sunway Iskandar. Opened on January 16, 2017, are the only international school in Malaysia offering the Ontario (Canada) school curriculum from kindergarten to grade 10. In grades 11 and 12, we are excited to offer the renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This exemplary curriculum aligns very closely with the Ontario curricula and will well position students for success in their academic pursuits after secondary school. Please take the opportunity to contact us or visit us in person. We can be contacted through our website. My staff and I take great pride in SIS Sunway Iskandar, and look forward to developing a collaborative, professional learning community that will meet the needs of all students attending our school.

There are four significant factors, outlined below, that make Sunway International School Sunway Iskandar a unique and compelling educational programme for students.

This Ontario and IB curriculum is based on the latest and leading educational research from around the world. The programmes are student-centred and inquiry based. Students will learn to understand concepts, knowledge and skills and will have opportunities to apply these to meaningful, real world situations. Developing critical thinkers who can communicate, collaborate and cooperate with each other is a cornerstone of the Ontario and IB programme. The School Effectiveness Framework, a document that was developed in Ontario and is being used in many jurisdictions around the world, will be a guiding document for us as we strive to continually improve our school in six key components: Assessment for, as and of Learning; School and Classroom Leadership; Student Engagement; Curriculum Teaching and Learning; Pathways, Planning and Programming and Home, School and Community Partnerships. We offer a semester model with an emphasis on project-based learning, assignments, experiential field trips, independent research and group work. Teachers will closely monitor academic progress through on-going assessment and regularly communicate with home. Parents will receive progress reports at mid-term and end of semester. Importantly, teachers will be available to discuss student progress after receiving reports or at any time by calling the school to arrange a meeting.

Students will be provided with a great variety of enriching extra-curricular activities that allow them to further build on their understanding of team work, collaboration and service to others. We will offer a rich and balanced selection of clubs for students throughout the school year to explore their interests and build upon their confidence and skills. Our recent “Poetry Slam” held in Johor Bahru, was a big success! Our students have had success in the World Scholar's Cup competition.  As the school grows, we will seek to continue registering with athletic associations, music and arts festivals and other organisations that offer enrichment opportunities for students.

All of the teachers at SIS, Sunway Iskandar are qualified teachers with degrees from recognised universities. The vast majority of our teachers are trained in Canada and receive annual certification by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Those who have been trained outside of Ontario will register with the Ontario College of Teachers, have their credentials screened based on the standards of the OCT, and become members. Their professional qualifications and classroom experience means that our teachers will implement a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies, along with different types of assessment and evaluation methods to ensure all students are learning and progressing. I am pleased with the impressive staff we have assembled for SIS Sunway Iskandar and their commitment and passion towards learning. As parents, you can be confident that your children are in the care of highly qualified, dedicated and caring educators focused on helping every child reach their fullest potential.

We have a beautifully designed and adorned, four block school building.  These blocks have been named the Adventure Block, Boundless Block, Creative Block and Discovery Block.  We offer a Wi-Fi enabled digital, high-tech learning environment. In addition to the laptop programme in Grades 9, 10 and IB, all classrooms are electronically equipped with overhead projectors and Smartboards. The science labs include the latest equipment in science learning. Our multi-purpose room functions as an excellent gymnasium and a multi- purpose hall, and our 2 cafeteria are spacious and comfortable. The school will boast a dedicated performing arts and a visual arts room, where students develop artistically. In addition, our showcase library is large, beautiful and well-equipped, the centrepiece of our wonderful new facility. Outdoors, our school has a swimming pool, a well-equipped playground area for early years’ students and a soon to be established primary playground, a large field for sports and other activities and ample outdoor space for students to sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

SIS Sunway Iskandar will offer a quality Canadian curriculum, followed up by the acclaimed IBDP, taught by a talented and committed teaching staff in a modern, well-resourced facility. We invite you to visit us on-line or in person and join us in growing our new and exciting school, SIS Sunway Iskandar!


Anthony Petitti