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The staff and teachers at SIS are committed to its students’ welfare and give of their best in serving their
needs. We are privileged to have a diverse multi-ethnic pool of qualified and experienced staff who contribute
their talent and expertise in the running of the School, whether administration, academic or governance.


Anthony Petitti


Mr. Anthony Petitti is a graduate of University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and followed up on his honours degree by obtaining a Bachelor of Education, from same university.  He later obtained a Master of Education degree from York University, Toronto. He has taught in primary, junior, and intermediate grades. Mr. Petitti was a school principal for 10 years, a central program coordinator for 7 years, and a Superintendent of Education for 4 years, all with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.  The last 4 years of his career in Ontario were spent at the Ministry of Education, where he served as Field Team Lead for a group of 19 Student Achievement Officers, supporting learning in 8 Toronto regional school boards.  He is proud to be “breaking new ground” in his role as Principal of SIS Sunway Iskandar.


Veronica Quek

Manager - Admission & Administration

Ms. Veronica Quek first join SIS in August 2015. She graduated from University of Montana, Missoula, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Ms. Quek has more than 20 years of working experience in the education sector. She oversees all admission & administration matters for SIS. 


Zuriana Azreen

Manager - Finance & Operations 

Ms. Zuriana Azreen joins  SIS in May 2017, where she looks after the school's financial and operational matters. She has 12 years working experience in various industries; a financial consultancy firm, the government's southern corridor authority, and the healthcare sector. She is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).    


Edward Soh

Assistant Manager - Principal's Office

Mr. Edward Soh has been with SIS since it began operations in January 2017, where he assists the principal on HR, Administrative, and Operational matters.  He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.  He also ensures that the the school's facilities are well managed and taken care of.






Adam Lajoy

Mr. Adam LaJoy has obtained a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor, Canada He has taught in Italy, South Korea, and Turkey. He joins SIS as the grade 4 homeroom teacher.



Adom Thorne

Mr. Adom Thorne graduated from Tyndale University with a BA in Religious Studies & Theology.  He completed his B.Ed at the Univeristy of Ottawa.  Mr. Thorne worked with the Toronto District School Board in a variety of Special Education settings for 9 years before going International.  Prior to SIS,  he worked in Queretaro, Mexico for three years. Mr. Thorne is currently SIS grade 5 homeroom teacher.



Alicia Bailey

Ms. Alicia Bailey graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) with a focus in Linguistics. She has been teaching in a variety of educational settings in Canada for 7 years. Ms. Bailey is teaching Senior Kindergarten this year in SIS.


Amy Malcolm

Ms. Amy Malcolm graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and earned her Education degree at Brock University, Ontario. Prior to SIS, she worked as a sixth grade teacher in Doha, Qatar. She has taught internationally in a variety of school settings for more than 15 years. She is currently serving as the Elementary Coordinator at SIS and as the sixth grade teacher.


Anis Patel

Mr. Anis Patel graduated from York University earning his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics For Education.  He also graduated from Brock University obtaining his Bachelor of Education.  Prior to SIS, Mr. Patel has taught in Canada and Kuwait in various teaching roles.  Mr. Patel is teaching Math grades 7-10 as well as grade 7 Science.  


Birute Richardson

Ms. Birute Richardson has worked in international schools for 20 years and has lived many exciting and beautiful parts of the world. These international experiences drew her to teach and coordinate in the International Baccalaureate as a teacher and as a coordinator for 10 years. She started her teaching career in Toronto after completing a B.A., B.Ed., and a Masters at the University of Toronto and the University of London. She is the Secondary School and IBDP Coordinator at SIS.


Bonnie Yuen

Ms. Bonnie Yuen graduated from University of British Columbia with a BSc. in Psychology and received her Master of Arts in Child Studies and Education from the Ontario Insitute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She now teaches Primary Mandarin for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students as well as Special Education.



Catherine Love

Ms Love graduated from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, with a joined BS(Hons) in Pharmacology and Toxicology.  She has 2 MS degrees. One from Northwestern University in Cell and Molecular Biology. The other is from the University of Phoenix in Psychology. She taught in Arizona for 12 years in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. She taught AP physics and AP chemistry in China the last 4 years.


Christine Kennedy

Ms. Christine Kennedy received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of New Brunswick in Canada. She graduated with a major in French and a Curriculum & Instruction concentration in Second Language Education. Christine taught for many years in the public school system in Nova Scotia, Canada before she began her international teaching journey. Christine has taught in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Europe. She joins us as our Secondary ESL Specialist.


Dan Meerveld

Mr. Dan Meerveld graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Political Science and attained his B.Ed at Brock University in Canada. He has been teaching internationally for the past 8 years in South Korea, Kuwait and Qatar prior to SIS. Mr. Meerveld joins SIS as the grade 3 homeroom teacher.


Danielle Ford

Ms. Danielle Ford graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BA in French studies. She received her teaching credential from Nipissing University and began teaching ESL in Seoul, Korea. She has been teaching various subjects for the past 12 years in Canada at the primary and junior/intermediate level. Ms Ford teaches Grade 3 at SIS.


David Hepting

Mr. David Hepting graduated from the University of Regina, Canada with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English. He is currently finishing up his Masters degree in English Literature and Language through Signum University. He is TESOL certified. He has taught grades 9-12 in northern Saskatchewan, Canada and also taught English locally in Malaysia before joining SIS. Mr. David Hepting teaches English and Science to grades 7-10 at SIS.


Eric Gerroir 

Mr. Eric Gerroir graduated from York University with a Specialized Honours degree in Kinesiology & Health Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Concurrent Education. Before coming here to Malaysia, he taught in Canada, England, and Kuwait. Mr. Gerroir joins SIS in July 2017 and is teaching Physical Education to Elementary student.


George Koo

Mr. George Koo graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, Canada. He has taught Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology in Canada and Guangzhou, China. He is excited to continue teaching  these disciplines at SIS.



Helen Ramirez DeLeon

Ms. Helen Ramirez DeLeon graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s of Secondary Education focusing on History and English. She has worked in Seoul, Quebec, China, and Manitoba teaching a wide variety of subjects. Ms. DeLeon teaches the Grade 7-9 Science, Grade 7 Maths, Grade 10 Bio, and IB Geography at SIS.







Jenna Taylor

Mrs. Taylor graduated from Nipissing University with Honours in the B.A English program. She also has her TESL certification from Humber College and just recently finished her B.Ed in the K-6, Primary division from Nipissing University. After completing her TESL certification, she began teaching in Ulsan, Korea and Zhaoqing, China for a total of 3 years. She has also taught several ESL high school summer programs in Canada, one in particular for Appleby College, with an outdoor education focus called “Northward Bound”


Jessica Armstrong

Ms. Jessica Armstrong graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education. She majored in English and minored in Art. She has previously taught in China, Abu Dhabi and as a Substitute Teacher in Canada. This will be her fifth year as a teacher. Ms. Jessica is currently a grade 5 teacher at SIS.






Jessie Chislett

Mrs. Jessie Chislett studied psychology, geography, and English at the University of British Columbia before getting her Bachelor of Education with Honours from the University of Northern British Columbia. She is currently working towards completing her Post-Baccalareate Diploma in Special Education. Jessie has experience teaching grades 2-10 in a classroom setting, as well as being a resource/special education teacher. She joins SIS as the special education teacher.



Kelly Jorgensen

Mrs. Kelly Jorgensen is a graduate of Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. She has also studied at Anaheim University in California, US and has additional qualifications in TESOL. Prior to SIS, she has taught in China for 3 years. Mrs. Jorgensen joins the SIS team as the Early Years teacher.





Kenneth Tuttle

Mr. Kenneth Tuttle graduated from Australian Catholic University with a Graduate Diploma in Education, for Psychology, Humanities, and Physical Education. His Master of Sport Science (High Honours) is from the United States Sports Academy, and his BSc in Psychology & Physical Education is from Excelsior College. He’s taught for 13 years, 11 years internationally, twice serving as Head of Department. He holds certificates for IB Diploma Subjects: Psychology, TOK, & Business Management; and for IB MYP Subjects: Individuals & Societies; & Physical Education.


Kirsten McKenzie Bysterveld

Ms. Kirsten McKenzie Bysterveld graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in psychology. She had previously taught in Canada as a grade 4/5 split teacher as well as a Pre-kindergarten teacher. She joins SIS as the grade 5 teacher.



Lai Kuan Tang

Ms. Lai Kuan Tang is a graduate of National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan with a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She also attained her certification to teach IBDP Mandarin A and Mandarin B. Prior to SIS, Ms. Tang has taught in several International Schools in Malaysia.



Lee Sim Wei

Ms. Sim Wei graduated from JiaoTong University of Shanghai with a Bachelor degree of Teaching Chinese In Foreign Languege. She has been teaching in a variety of educational settings in Singapore and Malaysia for 5 Years. Ms. Sim Wei is teaching Elementary  this year in SIS.




Lim Yee Chuan

Ms. Yeechuan graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts. She was formerly an art studio principal and had 5 years experience in teaching art. Ms. Yeechuan is currently pursuing her Master of Education. She joins SIS as a Visual Arts Instructor of elementary grades 4-6, seconday grades 7-10 and IBDP Visual Arts. 



Malinda Musa

Ms. Malinda Musa received her Matriculation in Management from Multimedia University, Malacca and graduated from Asia e University with a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working towards completing her Master of Education. She has attended various courses in regards to education. She is an experienced educator who had a role as a Vice-Principal in her previous school. She now teaches Malay in elementary level as well as Zumba ECA.


Michael Carens-Nedelsky

Mr. Michael Carens-Nedelsky graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, with an Honours Bachelor of Arts and received his Master of Teaching from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He also holds a CELTA diploma (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conferred by Cambridge Assessment English. He has taught in Canada, Morocco, and Palestine. Mr. Carens-Nedelsky teaches grade 2 at SIS.



Misbah Patel

Mrs. Misbah Patel graduated from George Brown College with an Ontario College Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She continued her studies to Ryerson University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Studies. She had previously taught in Canada as an educator for younger age groups including infants, toddlers, preschool and recently kindergarten. She joins SIS as the grade 1 teacher.


Natalia Soltes

Ms. Natalia Soltes graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, with a Bachelor in Music Education and received her Master of Teaching from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her teaching interests include multimodal approaches to learning and making music, improvisation, and world music traditions. Ms. Soltes teaches elementary (K-6) music at SIS. 



Mike Lewis

Mr. Mike Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts and Community Studies from Cape Breton University, and an Education Degree in Professional Studies from Niagara University. He also hold a TESOL diploma from Global TESOL College. Mr. Lewis is also an accredited ACPP level 4 Instructor. Prior to SIS, he taught for 5 years in Toronto as both an ESL teacher and core elementary teacher. Mr. Lewis teaches grade 2 students at SIS.



Peter Panacci

Mr. Panacci graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, with double majors in Philosophy and History. He completed his Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Prior to coming to Sunway, Mr. Panacci has taught in both South Korea and Japan. Along with teaching, Mr. Panacci has also competed and coached gymnastics and trampoline, and was also a full time ceramic artist. Mr. Panacci is currently a grade 6 teacher here at SIS.


Prakash Plpanapan

Mr. Prakash is a graduate from Open University Malaysia with a Bachelor of Education Degree and is currently working towards completing his Masters Degree from Asia e-University in Malay Language. He has been a teacher for more than 8 years . Mr.Prakash joins SIS as a secondary teacher of Malay Language and IBDP Language B Malay. 



Robin Bird

Mrs. Robin Bird is a graduate of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, graduating with a Diploma of Education where she studied English and Humanities. She has taught in Canada, South Korea, Australia, China, Brunei Darussalam, and Kazakhstan. Mrs. Bird joins SIS as a secondary teacher of English and IBDP CAS Coordinator.



Ryan Connors

Mr. Ryan Connors is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada with a Physical Education & Intermediate/Secondary Degree. He currently completing his Masters Degree in Physical Education. He is a Certified Exercise Physiologist in Canada and has worked as a teacher, fitness trainer, and coach for the last 7 years. Mr. Connors joins SIS as a secondary teacher of Physical Education, Social Studies, Science, and Math. 


Scott Bird

Mr. Scott Bird is a graduate of RMIT (the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Australia, with a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) with Distinction, where he studied History, Business, Geography, and English as a Second Language. He has taught in South Korea, Australia, China, Brunei Darussalam and Kazakhstan. Mr. Bird joins SIS as a secondary teacher of Social Studies, History, Business Management, and Theory of Knowledge.


Silvia Lori Gismondi

Ms. Silvia Gismondi graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Wilfrid Laurier University. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She has spent the last 8 years teaching at international schools in South Korea, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and St. Maarten. Ms. Gismondi teaches Junior Kindergarten at SIS.