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IBDP Team Building - 2017

Date : 18th January 2017, Wednesday Venue: Sunway International School  The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at has finally begun! The inaugural first day of school began an exciting IBDP Team Building as students were welcomed by our Principal, Mr. Bill Ironside, Deputy Principal and IB Administrator, Mr. Heath Kondro, IB Coordinator, Mr. Mark Milberg and our team of qualified IB-trained teachers. The day began with “Have you ever..” game, where students discover commonalities amongst each other. Students and teachers then participated in a “Bafa Bafa” game that resulted in a lively discussion about ways to understand and adapt to different cultures, leading us to the heart of IB – Learner Profile. The day ended with a scavenger hunt as students went on crazy missions which took them around the school and off campus! It was a terrific start to the programme for both staff and students and we are confident saying that it will be an amazing year. Look for more photos here!