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SIS - Parent Council

SIS - Parent Council


Dear SIS Families,

Warmest greeting from the SIS - Parent Council 2018.  

SIS - Parent Council 2018 is led by the Parent Council Executive Team (10 elected parent/guardian volunteers) working in close collaboration with the School Principal, Middle School & High School Student Councils and school staff representatives (academic and non-academic) with the following objectives:

  • To work in collaboration with the school to continuously build a conducive school environment that is inclusive to all parents
  • To promote partnerships between the school, its students and all its parents in fostering goodwill, enhancing relationships and mutual understanding of school’s goals
  • To assist in the development and engagement of key activities that are of value-add to the education agenda and welfare of the students
  • To promote and celebrate a strong sense of community within the school by creating opportunities for parents to connect with each other, as well the school
  • To encourage parents’ meaningful participation in school life, which enrich their children’s learning experience by offering their time and talents.

Parent Council Meetings

This year, to provide variety and wider means for parents to get together and to meet with SIS Management Team; and in line with parents’ requests as expressed in the Parent Council Online Survey 2017, together with the school, we plan to bring back the Parent Breakfast/Hi-Tea where we will not only have sessions by SIS academic staff but will also be inviting external speakers to give talk on topics of interest. 

Principal updates which used to be presented during the Parent Social Evenings will continue and will now be in the form of email updates so they can be made available to all SIS families.


Parents and guardians like you are very important to the continued success of the Parent Council. Through volunteering together and/or your contribution towards Parent Council’s activities, we build a stronger and more vibrant SIS community which enhances the school life experience of our children.

There are several opportunities to volunteer in the Committees that carry out activities of the Parent Council. We warmly welcome parents/guardians to volunteer for an activity that interest you by contacting us through our email contact.


  1.  Parent Breakfast/Hi-Tea Committee
  2.  Parent Social Meet-up Committee
  3.  Student Council / Club Support Committee
  4.  Teachers’ Day Celebration Committee
  5.  SIS Parent Walking Committee (Led by Dr. Christina on most Friday morning. Email us to enquire)

We hope through our various endeavours, we are able to include and encourage more parents into the life of the school to meaningfully enhance your experience as part of this nurturing community.

We look forward to hearing from you shall you have any questions or ideas, or if you want to get involved with the Parent Council as volunteers or to contribute towards our activities. You may reach us via email:

Warmest regards,

Elizabeth Wong
SIS - Parent Council (Sunway City)

SIS - Parent Council Executive 2018


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