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Beyond the Classroom

The Classroom



SIS places great emphasis on producing socially responsible individuals, by having our students participate in activities that engage the wider community.

Through these hands-on activities, students gain an insight into the myriad cultures, origins and lifestyles outside of their social network, and begin to determine how they may contribute to society in a positive way.

SIS aims to cultivate students with a global-minded attitude and a strong understanding of their unique capability to give back to the community they inhabit. 


Leadership skills are an important aspect of SIS’ educational culture, with middle- and high-school specific Student Councils representing the voice of the student body.

Students are exposed to opportunities to contribute and find ways of enriching their own learning environment for the benefit of all students, as well as the greater community through school-wide events, trips and charitable fund-raising. 

Since its inception, the Student Council has raised funds through regular “Bake Sales”, fun-themed “Dress Down Days” and introduced cultural celebrations for our diverse community of students to get involved in local and international festivities, such as “Iftar” (Ramadhan breaking of fast) and “Chuseok” (Korean Thanskgiving) dinners. 

With this initiative, SIS aims to impart on our students their roles as global citizens, and develop the skills and values related to both future careers and civic responsibilities. 

Community Outreach

The School’s values of respecting others, valuing oneself, honouring ideas and opinions, and being responsible, caring and helpful are engendered through community outreach. Students are encouraged to become involved in and contribute their time and effort assisting in a non-profit organisation or cause they believe in. This may include animal welfare societies, orphanages, hospitals, environmental protection, social relief or fundraising for charities, both local and/or international. Completion of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma requires students to perform community service, and the students immerse themselves whole-heartedly.

Through this exposure, SIS students are inculcated with a giving nature, and aspire to make a positive change in every aspect of their lives.

Field Trips

Field Trips take students out of the class and into new invigorating environments to teach them about local history, nature and contemporary culture. 

Middle school students go on excursions that are closer such as:

Overnight camping at Broga Hills, Semenyih 

Tribal exposure at the Carey Island “Orang Asli” Village, Pulau Ketam

Guided trek of the reserved forests at Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Kepong 

Exhilarating entertainment visiting Legoland Amusement Park, Johor Bahru

Viewing the showcase architecture at the federal administrative capital of Putrajaya 

At secondary school level, students venture further with trips to local and international destinations.

Traversing the aerial obstacle course of Skytrex Adventure, Shah Alam

Caving and white-water rafting in Gopeng, Perak

Taking in the Broadway musical, “Wicked”, staged in Singapore

Exploring ancient cultures at Borobodur Temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Java 

Feeding, bathing and riding elephants at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang

Appreciating the natural beauty of the Borneo jungles in Sandakan, Sabah.