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Parent Engagement






We understand that your child’s progress in school is of the utmost importance; which is why SIS practices a “three-legged stool” strategy of tripartite cooperation between the students, parents and school are crucial for a student’s academic success. Parents’ involvement is highly encouraged, and manifold opportunities are made available to parents to participate, actively contribute and partner with the school’s representatives and their continual efforts to support student development. 

Some of these initiatives specifically organised for parents’ benefit are:


Meet-The-Teachers Night

Sessions held every start of the semester, to introduce parents to the educators teaching their students, and offer an “inside look” into some of the activities and significant occurrences planned for the year. 


Parent-Teacher Interviews

A dedicated day that provides parents one-on-one meeting time with their student’s teachers to discuss their student’s progress and plan steps for further improvement.


Parents High-Tea/Breakfast

In close collaboration with our Parent Council, we host regular Parents Breakfast/Hi-Tea sessions to provide a platform for sustained and regular communication between the School Management Team and the SIS parent community.  

With this framework in place, we are confident that together, the combined time and shared commitment between parents, faculty and students, will provide our students with the space to grow, discover their full potential and be assured of a strong support system guiding them every step of the way.