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IB Career-related Programme

IB Career-related Programme*






The IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) is for students aged 16 to 19 and provides a Pre-University pathway that is based on educational principles, vision, and the learner profile of the IB, in a unique program that addresses the needs of students who wish to follow a targeted course pathway. The primary objective is that the IBCP will prepare students for further studies at the tertiary level, or move towards a career.

The Career-related Programme enables students to:

  • combine academic subjects with their personal and professional interests and skills
  • communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of situations
  • demonstrate high levels of resilience, flexibility, and agility of mind
  • think critically and creatively
  • consider new perspectives and other points of view
  • engage in learning that makes a positive difference to their community
  • develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness
  • apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and situations
  • work independently and in collaboration with others
  • follow their chosen education and career pathways in life
  • be internationally-minded and globally aware

At SISJ, our planned IB Career-related Programme is a highly focused in the area of Business Studies.  We will work closely with students and families to choose their additional Diploma courses, tailored around their needs, objectives, and academic pathways.

Kenneth Tuttle
IB Diploma Coordinator


*SIS is a candidate school for IBCP and full authorization is expected by January 2021


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