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Welcome to Sunway International School, Sunway Iskandar

I am very happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself to the Sunway International School community here in Iskandar, Johor.  After 5 years as Deputy Principal and then Principal of the first SIS in Sunway City, coming to work with the staff and teachers here at SISJ was a valuable opportunity that I was eager to take on.

Looking at the growth and success of SISJ since 2017, and having worked extensively with both previous principals, I am excited about my position here.  Seeing the wide age range of students who all call themselves SIS students and working with staff and teachers with such a wide range of experience is a great learning opportunity for me as well.

Obviously the Covid-19 situation that the entire globe is facing is challenging not only education, but every industry in its own way.  Within education, all schools are plotting their courses differently, but all are faced with common issues such as social distancing, reduced ability for face to face instruction and challenges to everyday life that affects student learning.  Both SIS schools have worked exceptionally hard to plan for this new reality.

We will use the following 4 principles to guide our decision making.

  1. To ensure health and safety of all staff and students
  2. To maintain and preserve academic integrity
  3. To meet overall curricular expectations
  4. To ensure students continue to receive effective and engaging instruction and best ensure student credits and academic pathways are unaffected

As principal, I feel that if we adhere to 4 principles and stay within the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, we will be able to persevere and successfully rise to the current challenges that we face.

As someone invested in education within Malaysia for more than a decade, I can make the genuine commitment to continued successes and continued improvement.

Thank you for welcoming me into your community.  I look forward to getting to know more of you as we journey forward together.


Heath Kondro




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