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Mr & Mrs Peeters

Parents of Nils Peeters (Currently studying in IBMYP Year 1, 2021)
Finn Peeters (Currently studying in Grade 4, 2021)
and Nelle Peeters (Currently studying in Grade 2, 2021) 

"All 3 of our children are really enjoying their online classes. Thank you to the teachers and staff for providing this very user-friendly and dynamic virtual learning environment, and for their dedication to bringing and excitement and fun to the digital classroom! "

Mr & Mrs Khan

Parents of Mahzeb Khan (Currently studying in IBDP Year 1, 2020)
and Zaryab Khan (Currently studying in Grade 8, 2020)

Hello from Khan family! We can easily call ourselves the pioneer parent/student batch of SIS Sunway Iskandar. The school started with less than 100 students back in 2017 and in these 3 years it has moved way more forward than what can be achieved in three years. And we are the witness to that! We love the atmosphere of school; the motivated and engaged teachers, helpful admin, international diversity of the students, and professionalism of the management team! The list can go on and on but to wrap it up, we are satisfied parents and our kids are happy souls! Thank you SIS Sunway Iskandar:) 

Mr & Mrs Tan

Parents of Dillon Tan Zhao Kai (Currently studying in IBDP Year 1, 2020)
and Hillary Tan Wen Xi (Currently studying in Grade 9, 2020)

My 2 children are among the pioneer batch of SIS. Dillon enrolled in 2017, the very first year when SIS first started. He is now in Grade 11, and will be taking IB examination next year in 2021. Hilary enrolled in 2018. She is now in Grade 9, taking MYP examination in 2021.

SIS has a team of well-qualified, motivated & engaged teachers, and a team of professional and committed staff. Located next to Emerald Lake and Straits of Johor, incessant cool breeze from the lake and the sea, peaceful and quiet, SIS has great facilities and a conducive atmosphere for studying and various sports activities.

SIS has a vast international diversity in both students & teaching staffs. Great school spirit and a strong sense of community involvement. On top of strenuous academic works of IBDP & MYP, students are strongly encouraged to play an active role in various community works, exploring and immersing themselves in diverse activities & cultures.

SIS offers the best facilities and environment to its students. Here, the students spend the most important part of their life, receiving education, guidance, freedom to explore, exposure to diversity, and growing up into a well-rounded person.

Valeriia Pelevina

Graduated in 2019
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) University of British Columbia, Canada

I have received the IBDP in 2019 after studying at SIS Sunway Iskandar for 3 years (from Grades 10 to 12). The IBDP is a challenging program but the teachers and my classmates at SIS Sunway Iskandar shaped it to be the best high school experience. My education especially benefited from the small class size and the friendly and qualified teachers who have taught all over the world. One of my future goals is to be a leader, and Sunway provided me with many opportunities to practice that, whether it be the captain of the basketball team, student council Vice President, representing my class on the graduation committee, or being chosen to be the valedictorian of my class. I believe that what I learned and experienced in SIS Sunway Iskandar will help me in my next educational pursuits and I will forever treasure the memories I made there.  

Irene Song Dahyoun

Graduated in 2019
Currently studying Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Toronto, Canada

When I first came to Malaysia, I was so nervous about facing changes and an uncertain future. I had no dream, no goals, and no hope. However, I drew my dream, set a goal, had hoped, and even achieved goals in my high school, SIS Sunway Iskandar. There were many challenges and hardships in pursuing my study as an international student (language in particular). However, with my generous and passionate teachers, and amiable friends, I could survive through. I also appreciate the fact that our classes were comparably small so that students would collaborate more and communicate with teachers in more open environment. I was in Student Council for three years in SIS Sunway Iskandar. I want to mention that all of the student in our school were versatile in numerous ways. Whenever we planned out an event, there were so many students who are talented and caring. All of the teachers and staffs were really willing to help the student to succeed in our education, and they were flexible to meet with students to help. The overall environment of SIS Sunway Iskandar is sociable, harmonious place for students to be around. Additionally, I also like the safe environment outside of the campus that allowed for us to be relieved day and night. I would strongly suggest students to study in SIS Sunway Iskandar.

Clara Ho

Graduated in 2018
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Development Studies at Australian National University

Upon joining SIS in Grade 11 (2017), I was immediately ushered into the gruelling world of the IBDP. I chose SIS because of the IB Diploma Programme offering, and the immense foundational support I was provided with when visiting as a prospective student. Before SIS, I had been in multiple schooling environments throughout Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. My goal after graduation was to return to Australia and attend an Australian university. The teachers and staff at SIS went above and beyond to assist me with my university applications and helped me gain admittance to the Australian National University. My time at SIS was filled with comprehensive character building, through unique teaching methods that prepared us for university, unlike any other pre-university curriculum. The plethora of extra-curricular activities and community-service opportunities enriched my years spent at SIS. Being exposed to such a wide range of activities while in high school truly expanded my world view. SIS was my home away from home. Every day, I would be met with smiling faces and would converse with staff, teachers and peers. In hindsight, what I valued the most during my years at SIS were the international perspectives and complementary exchange of ideas in classes.  

Agnes Tan Ying Hui

Graduated in 2018
Currently studying BSc Psychology at University of Reading Malaysia

I chose to study my IBDP in SIS Sunway Iskandar due to the countless opportunities I get as a student, thanks to the experienced teachers that supported me throughout the two years. I am thankful for the supportive teachers, staffs and classmates that I had as they helped me better understand the goal and passions that I want to pursue in the future. They were with me at every step I take and always there for me when I face doubt.  

Studying in SIS Sunway Iskandar had inspired me to be more of an inquirer and a critical thinker, which are important in the IBDP.  I witnessed my own growth throughout the two years as an IB Student. I was always afraid to speak up my opinion and scared to ask questions, but after the two years of IBDP in SIS Johor, I find myself to have more confident and became more courageous, which turned out to be necessary skills needed for my university studies and the real world. The environment at SIS Sunway Iskandar, and the IBDP had help me become a better version of myself and has made me into a better learner. I enjoy every moment I had in SIS Sunway Iskandar with the teachers, staffs and my beloved classmates, and I am proud to be a student and a graduate of SIS Sunway Iskandar.  

Dr Farah Alobaidi & Dr Sarmad Alazzawi

Parents of Naya Sarmad (Currently studying in Grade 3, 2020)
and Leyan Sarmad (Currently studying in Grade 7, 2020)

SIS is one of the best schools I have ever encountered. The school has a warmth spirit and an amazingly friendly atmosphere. Staff are very welcoming, helpful and friendly. The teachers are excellent, they are the heart of SIS. They are motivated, enthusiastic, empathetic and caring. We are truly happy with the education system at school. The Ontario Canadian system for primary school is very well established. As with regards to the secondary education system, the school made a wonderful choice by deploying the IB system in teaching and learning. IB is one of the best forms of education, as it offers a programme that encourages both personal and academic development. It suits my girls as they are very much into critical thinking and outside the box learning. I have witnessed a huge change in both my daughters personalities. They are both happier, more confident, better communication wise, more settled with friends. The school has a good diversity of students, which from my opinion is wonderful. It helps kids learn more about other cultures and communities, and take them out of their comfort zone.  Students at school have a good discipline, there is a mutual respect among students and teachers as well. I am proud to say that the school has implemented an antibullying policy this year with. I am rest assured that my daughters are in safe hands. Finally, I would like to say that we are very lucky to be part of such an amazing school, we love the staff and teachers. My girls are looking forward to spend more delightful years at SIS. They sincerely love the school to an extent that they feel sad staying away from school at weekends. I am very proud to say that SIS is and will always be the right choice for my daughters.

Dr Anusia Sivaratnam & Mr Anandarajah A/L Atputjarajah

Parents of Divyalini Anandarajah (SIS student 2017 - 2019)
and Dhirenrajah Anandarajah (SIS student 2017 - 2020)

We came to know that Sunway International School was opening near our home. We wanted a school that would take our 2 children all the way through to Pre-University in an international school environment hence we switched them from the previous international school they were attending in Johor Bahru at  secondary level for the GCE ‘O’ Level qualification to SIS Sunway Iskandar when it opened in January 2017. We were impressed by the holistic IBDP that we felt better prepared our children for their future university studies through the significant project and coursework component that developed their independent thinking in addition to the usual exam component. It was hard work and they did great with the support and guidance of the dedicated teachers and in a conducive learning environment with a good group of peers.

The school administration officers and teachers were always approachable and helpful to resolve any matters that arose. Our daughter Divya graduated with a full Diploma in her IBDP in December 2019  and in July 2020 commenced her first year studies with University of Adelaide, Australia in the field of Accounting & Corporate Finance. Our son Dhiren will be sitting for his IBDP in November 2020. We wish to thank the school for the most amazing memories through our time with SIS and meeting both our and our children’s expectations when we enrolled them at SIS.


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