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Career and Guidance

Career and Guidance


Guidance & Counselling

SIS is set against a comfortable and supportive environment conducive for every student to excel not just academically, but also personally, emotionally and socially as well. Serving as mentor, advisor and friend, the Guidance Counselling facilitators are integral to every student’s well-being at SIS.

Academic Planning

Additionally, the Guidance Counsellor offers assistance and advice to students for a wide range of services including:

  • Career exploration 
  • Academic counselling 
  • Post-secondary information 
  • Community service information 
  • Personal/Social counselling

Some of the successful programmes established and championed by the Guidance Counselling office are:



Peer Tutoring Programme


A programme matching students struggling with specific subject content with high performing students for additional assistance.



Career Week


A week of career exploration, with activities including exhibitions, talks and invited speakers featuring well-known professionals and experts from various sectors speaking of their qualifications and employment experiences to our students.



University Fair


Students attend visiting universities’ representatives from all over the world, including Canada, England, Australia and other countries  to enquire about programme offerings, entry requirements, scholarship options and other vital information to aid them in deciding their academic progression.