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SIS believes strongly in the educational potential of technology, and incorporates the provision of these IT resources ubiquitously into the students’ school life. 

High-speed wireless (WiFi) internet connectivity, online resources and multimedia content are regular conveniences that students are continuously exposed to and engage with. 

Students utilize individual personal laptops to develop their skills of independent study, analysis and research, while inferring meaningful links between textbooks and the world beyond their classrooms.

Classroom teaching utilise state-of-the-art overheads and interactive touch-screen whiteboards to animate lessons, and enhance presentations and collaborative activities.

Our e-learning course management system enables our teachers to share real-time feedback, update daily assignments and reports, and share learning resources with students and parents, no matter their physical location.

A combination of tools like these, with technology-related courses offered helps students to advance and transfer valuable skills for independent study and research.