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Mr Mikail Lai and Mrs Meria Rosman

Parents of 2 children in SIS:

  • Merissa Rosman Lai (SIS student 2016 - 2020)
  • Myra Rosman Lai (Currently studying in Grade 9, 2021)


What lies within SIS…

A multifaceted invested value, in this hidden gem. Our expectations were founded.

Our journey began with SIS back in 2016.

Merissa, our eldest encapsulated the SIS values and principles that go beyond just academics, the 21st-century life, and soft skills that are much needed to stay abreast and having the edge in any given challenging setting. It was onerous for her, having a non-forthcoming personality, yet she gradually overcame with the formidable structure yet cohesive community that SIS offers. That is a goal achiever, scarce to come by in any institution. Over the years, Merissa has blossomed under the tutelage of her educators with due attention and support in SIS – being accoladed with not only on the academics front, as well as co-curricular.

To date, proud achievements of helming positions in Interact Club, Buddy-Up, High School Student Council, Library Committee, etc. to being the main cast of the SIS in-house musical productions. Opportune timing and self-driven instincts inculcated, gave rise to social interactions and involvements, propelling the boost to the well-rounded persona that she has become.

Our decision henceforth was apparent! The pinnacle culmination of skills and values is where SIS students draw their strengths from, giving us more conviction to also enroll our youngest, Myra.

Myra yet thrives even better here, with her continuous strengths from primary years. Just graduated from Middle School Grade 8, her appointment as the Middle School Student Council and achievements in academics, as well as main cast in the in-house musical productions, present a great head start to many opportunities offered in SIS. Her peak in SIS is foreseeable boundless. And we, curiously look forward to it.

In a nutshell, SIS has empowered both our daughters holistically, by enlivening their abilities to greater heights, exploring with an elevated degree of creativity and espousing their independence with the guidance of a host of endearing educators. As parents, it is most gratifying that the hand-holding years are gone past, cliché, no longer viable and almost non-existent in SIS, over time. Both are currently on the honor roll, academic scholarship; and recipients of the SIS Middle School Science Fair top and subjects awards.

The unique Ontario Curriculum and its pedagogy of teaching, truly captivate and pique our girls’ desire to learn and advance further. A firm believer that Sunway marks itself as an international education hub and constantly pledging to excellence and giving back in education, it presents many avenues serving a continuity to post high school education is a major plus factor for our unwavering decision to school at SIS.

SIS has done us proud with how we evolve as a family and community. As parents, we decided to reciprocate as being part of the Parent Council this year.

Our utmost gratitude to the entire SIS community encompassing the Principal, Mr Kondro, Mr Owen, the teaching, administrative, and supporting staff for making our experience beyond just pleasant. Indeed for us, an enriching one.

A hidden gem most would come to discover.

Mr & Mrs Tony Yee

Parents of 5 children in SIS:

  • Yee Rae Cyl (SIS student 2013 - 2014)
  • Yee Rae Kym (SIS student 2012 - 2014)
  • Yee Rae Ann (SIS student 2012 - 2016)
  • Yee Rae Lyz (SIS student 20 2014 - 2018)
  • Yee Rae Rei (Currently studying in Grade 7, 2020)

SIS is a school of expression; a school that brought life to education in Malaysia. I have 5 daughters and I sent all of them to SIS, and that speaks for itself. The faith we placed on the future education of our children lies in the hands of this school. Our children strive to be better at every quiz, test, or exam. The extra-curricular activities that my daughters play on teaches them to balance a healthy lifestyle with school work, sports, and social life.

SIS teaches students to stand as individuals, and in addition, also gives students a taste of real life. For example, my daughters, Rae Kym and Rae Ann had the opportunity to go on a trip to Singapore for a Model United Nations Conference. This gives them a choice of the many things life has to offer, and teachers them to make independent choices in facing the future ahead. Giving our children the best education is a priority and SIS allows them to visualize a brighter future for themselves with proper starts. 

Carina Anne Gnanou

Graduated in 2019
Currently studying International Engineering Program at École Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Genie Electrique (ESIGELEC), France

Carina is the first SIS student to be accepted into a full French-programme in a France university.

I joined Sunway in Grade 9, in the Canadian (Ontario) program, and progressed to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Grade 11 and 12.  From the day that I first stepped in, to my last day, Sunway International School (SIS) has encouraged me to pursue my passions, nurturing me into the person that I have become today. One of the best aspects of Sunway is the teachers. They have always inspired me to learn more, to ask more questions, to explore more than what is being taught. The teachers are there every step of the way, available for questions and resolving doubts.

Sunway also offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities, allowing me to explore my passions out of the class. The school provides every single student with activities across all domains, be it sports, music, debate, and even voluntary work. And these clubs have played a monumental role in shaping the person I have become. They have taught me how to best work collaboratively with others, as well as allowing me to exercise positions of leadership in different types of ways.

Sunway IBDP has helped shaped me into the critical thinker that I am today - without the engaging classes that taught me the necessary skills, and the extra-curricular clubs that allowed me to practice my skills in the real world, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The environment at Sunway, and especially the IBDP program encourages you to be the best version of yourself and has nurtured me into a well-rounded global citizen. It has taught me to be a thinker, to ask questions about the way things are, to care for our world and its environment, to be open-minded, and accepting to all ideas and people.

Looi Kai Yen

Graduated in 2018
Currently pursuing a Degree in Medicine and Surgery at International Medical University (IMU).

Sunway International School (SIS) has nurtured my passion and inspired me in my relentless pursuit of excellence.

Pranay Prem

Graduated in 2018
Currently studying a Double Major Degree in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Toronto, Canada

Sunway International School has helped me realized my potential by looking out at the world and discovering that my dreams are possible!

Mr & Mrs Willie Tan

Parents of Samuel Tan Dixhen (SIS student 2015 - 2017)
and Serene Aimee Tan (SIS student 2015 - 2018)

We've got to know about Sunway International School (SIS) from a friend. However, after speaking to the then-Principal, Mr. John Mackle at a public exhibition and having reviewed some other international school, we set our heart on SIS. We really love the positive environment and the Canadian (Ontario) curriculum that focuses on the cumulative and formative assessment rather than exams, and we also have confidence in the quality of SIS Canadian teachers. SIS has helped both our children to discover wide opportunities and has enabled them to find and nurture their talents.

Our son, Samuel has won the history subject award and was very involved in the Model United Nations (MUN). These were the 2 key points contributing to his success. After winning 6 out of 7 MUN debates, he knew for sure that he wanted to become a lawyer. He is currently pursuing Law and International relations at the University of Tasmania, Australia as a full recipient of the Dean of Law Merits Scholarship. He is also involved in the Vice-Chancellor Leadership Program, a special leadership programme at his university.

As for our daughter, Serene, she discovered her passion for science. During her time in SIS, her Biology teacher provided her excellent guidance to nurture her love for science. Serene also spent a lot of time volunteering at Health Care Centres to help her find her true passion. She started her tertiary education in Dental Surgery at the James Cook University, Australia. She was also the recipient of the Harvard Prize Book award and the Community Service Award during her time in Sunway.

We thank Sunway for shaping our children to become 2 amazing well-rounded individuals.

Thu Thao Nguyen

Graduated in 2018
Currently studying Business Administration at the Cape Breton University, Canada

I cherished every moment I had in Sunway International School (SIS). Being a part of SIS even for only one year had helped me grow so much more. My teachers were not only my lecturers but also my mentors and friends that guided me through my rough times  They taught me so much more than just what was in the syllabus. The environment in SIS is perfect for me to find my passion and flourish my talent. SIS prepared me with the all essential skills and knowledge not only to “survive” but to take control and strive for success in my university time. I have found my closest friends who are like-minded during my grade 12 at SIS. SIS does live true with its mission “Nurturing Minds. Building Character.”

Mr & Mrs Bhwindar Singh

Parents of Mareah Marie Bates Khosa (SIS student 2013 - 2016)
and Angelina Dial Bates Khosa (SIS student 2014 - 2018)

Sunway International School, SIS, has exceeded our academic expectations. The innovative approach to education motivates and builds self-confidence in the students. This in turn seems to fuel a genuine interest in learning. As a family, we are very satisfied with the overall educational environment at SIS.

Mr & Mrs Victor Siow

Parents of Estelle Siow Zhi Qian (SIS student 2012 - 2015) and Christelle Siow Zhi Shen (SIS student 2015 - 2018)

SIS first caught our attention when my wife and I were introduced to SIS by their former principal, Mr. John Futa, who is a personal friend of ours. We discovered that SIS is based on Ontario Secondary School guidelines and it is a must that all lecturers must be certified by Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

Besides strict lecturing, they also offer a range of extra-curricular activities that includes field trips and community services. We find that their teachers are supportive as they will give up their personal time to help students. In addition, their system on parent-teacher meetings is extremely useful where each parent gets an opportunity to meet their respective lecturers on a one-to-one basis and ask as many questions as possible pertaining to their child's performance. As parents, we can monitor our children's progress and homework via SIS Online Learning Portal.

The spectrum that SIS offers to our children is limitless as we know that our children can choose to do any of the international pre-university programmes and the list goes on the minute they graduate from Grade 11. Since 2011, SIS was it and there is no looking back since then for us!

Shanna Chung

Graduated in 2016
Currently studying Architecture programme at Architectural Association School of Architecture, London

Sunway International School helped me develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills through the teacher's encouragement and support. This helped to broaden my understanding of the subject and it stimulated my interest in learning. It was an amazing learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. The strong emphasis on extracurriculars and community service enriched my high-school life at SIS, allowing me to accumulate a well-rounded high school experience. Personally, SIS has been a place of growth that has prepared me for the future in more ways than just academically.

Haylee Lee

Graduated in 2016
Currently studying Environmental Studies at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom.

Throughout my five years in SIS, I can definitely say with confidence that I’ve learned a great deal of lessons as a student and as a person by the teachers, staff, and students. The teachers provide such a safe and enthusiastic learning environment that challenges students to step outside their comfort zones and think outside the box. Without the endless support I was given in high school, I probably would not have the drive and determination I have today as a student. SIS is a school that will always be known as home to me as it has led me to develop a family of friends, teachers, and staff even after leaving it. And I hope that the new students of SIS will develop this family too.

Rachel Lim June Leen

Graduated in 2016
Currently studying as Financial Economics Specialist at the University of Toronto, Canada

My school's focus on personal development in and outside of the classroom has allowed me to gain an immense amount of educational and personal skills. The most important lesson that SIS has taught me (and has helped me immensely in my life to this day) is to be a critical thinker. Critical thinking has molded me to become an active learner in every aspect of my left. By opening up my mind and heart to multiple points of view, I am able to have a broader and more enriching experience of the world. 

Mr & Mrs Soon Le Meng

Parents of Soon Wern-Shynn, (SIS student 2012 - 2016)
SIS Music Scholarship Recipient

Our emphasis on a good school is that it must have the capacity to deliver high-quality education and at the same time engaging the students; thus bringing out the best in them. The crucial factor which helped in our decision was that the school has a team of Canadian-qualified teachers in their respective areas of specialization as well as in the area of education. We are pleased to say that we have made the right decision of placing Wern-Shynn in Sunway International School. The teachers built on her strength while at the same time helped her in the areas which needed improvements. The curriculum also exposed her to a vast and varied scope of studies making learning enjoyable. Most importantly, SIS is equipping Wern-Shynn with the knowledge and learning skills - learning the right way to learn, which will certainly be very instrumental to her in her higher-level education.

Juri Sasaki

Graduated in 2015
Currently studying Environment and Information Studies at Keio University, Japan

I stand before you today as a product of an amazing school that not only educates students to nurtures people who can think, question, act, and make a change. SIS provides knowledge and opportunities that transcend the classroom. We were able to spend more time learning and developing different skills that focus on writing down the expected answers. The experiences I've had in SIS taught me that failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of it. This was what drove me to challenge things I did not know I was capable of.

Being an active president of the student council, playing sports for the school team, going on school trips, each opportunity brought more light through the window and fostered me to become a better person. Not to mention, the relationships I've had with every peer, teacher, and staff were a huge influence on how I grew and what I have become today. 

Pavithran Devananthan

Graduated in 2015
Studied Engineering at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

SIS was an excellent stepping stone for me to get to where I am today. I enjoyed all of my experiences at SIS and it shaped me into the person I am now. The teachers I met were great and dedicated, and the friendship I developed are still a big part of my life now. Overall, SIS has been one of the best chapters of my life. Until today, I will still visit SIS every time I return to Malaysia.

Tommy Tho

Graduated in 2015
Currently studying BSc in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Canada under the Outstanding International Student Award.

My teachers were more than just course lecturers, they taught me how to think and express myself creatively and critically, question my own education, and encouraged me to pursue my interests. More importantly, my teachers were someone I could trust in and out of class. What makes SIS unique is the curriculum style and how teachers knit a close bond with their students to make the classroom experience more exciting and engaging. At SIS, I was able to explore all my academic and curricular interests freely with the guidance of my teachers and the support of my classmates. I leave SIS knowing that the education and experiences I have received were priceless and SIS has become a significant part of my student career.


Lee Ji-Timm

Graduated in 2015.

My time at SIS was filled with wonderful experiences that have significantly shaped me as an individual. The teachers were friendly, encouraging, and, very often, would go beyond to help their students out. As a student, I learned many useful life lessons and skills from SIS. One lesson, in particular, was to critically think and see the world in different views before making any judgments. The values that SIS has strived to impart onto their students have most certainly rubbed off on me and I can confidently say that SIS has been an invaluable part of my life.

Mr & Mrs Edgar Vergara

Parents of Jesus Gabriel Vergara Cruz (SIS student 2014 - 2015)
and Oriana Adoracion De Jesus Vergara Cruz (SIS student 2014 - 2015)

As parents of expatriate students with English not being our first language, we were concerned in the beginning. But after we met the admission staff, we felt more assured. They were very helpful and provided us with great support all the time, making sure the process was smooth until my children succeeded in attending regular classes at SIS. We would definitely recommend SIS to parents with their kids struggling in school due to English barriers to reach out to SIS. I'm sure you will get the right support. Well done SIS for all the good work, support, and high-level of education offered to students.

Lauren Yun Tong Guo

As featured in the Expat Lifestyle, November 2014. To read the full article, click here: Lauren Guo

Graduated in 2015

I love how all of my teachers are positive and encouraging. As a student growing in this positive attitude, we also learn to become more optimistic and helpful towards our peers. SIS is my home - not only because I am Canadian, but I feel that I can fully express myself through my work when I am in this positive environment.



Meilyani Grendy

Graduated in 2014
Currently studying MEng in Engineering (Chemical Engineering) at University of Birmingham, UK

I was 15 when I first moved to Malaysia. At such a young age, I was terrified to think about the possibilities of going to an international school abroad. Sunway International School (SIS) was my first choice for a learning platform, knowing that I could pursue my education to a higher level. SIS showed me a community where differences did not matter, and together everybody can achieve their dreams. I am now studying at the University of Birmingham, in the UK, and I no longer feel differences matter. Thank you SIS!

Mr & Mrs Tanimoto

Parents of Mana Tanimoto (SIS student 2011 - 2014)

Our daughter was shy when she first enrolled in SIS, but she really enjoyed her time in SIS, having the opportunity to mingle with friends from different backgrounds, dedicated teachers, and friendly administration staff. Based on solid English program at SIS, she had obtained her Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which open doors to many universities worldwide.

Dr. Aulia Ahmad

Graduated in 2012. Completed Medicine Programme at Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar.

Sunway above all was a marvelous experience. As a Sunway International School student, I was exposed to extracurricular and this made me realize the importance of having a balanced life, exploring new activities, and discover new talents. My learning journey continued with A-Level where my lecturers' strong and continuous belief that I would become a straight-A student gave me the strength that I truly needed to succeed. The support I received from my lecturers and friends in Sunway brought me to where I am today and the learning experiences I gained during my time there will forever remain with me.

Muhammad Saleh bin Raghib

Graduated in 2012
Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship Recipient

"I was very fortunate to reach the peak of my high school years at SIS. It was made possible by the committed teachers who answered every query I had and who always stimulated my interests in each and every class. The broad out to different fields and to discover my strengths and weaknesses in determining what career path to follow in the future."

Sherren Soesanto

Graduated in 2012, currently studying Business Management at Sunway University
Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship Recipient and SIS Scholar

“SIS has provided me with a strong foundation for my further studies in CIMP. The two years of learning experience in SIS has been a pleasurable one. All the teaching staff are Canadian-certified professionals and are the best in their related fields. They are extremely friendly and approachable. They are always more than willing to help and encourage their students as well as provide them with the guidance needed to strive for excellence. In SIS, learning is fun. I got interact with people from different cultures and put my knowledge into use instead of just memorizing learning materials. Upon graduation, I have bought with me not only invaluable knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout the years but also the countless beautiful memories that will always bring a smile to my face.”

- It was in SIS where I was able to fully explore my own capabilities -

Radhanath Tialan

Graduated in 2012
Studied triple Associates Degree in Business Management, Dance Technology, and Dance Fine Arts at Scottsdale Community College, USA.

SIS helped nurture my talent through many opportunities such as Open Mics and Performance Night. Furthermore, the SIS Sports Scholarship also motivated me to excel at what I love; to compete in our sports to maintain our rankings as well as maintaining our grades. Academically, the 70% course work and 30% exam assessment structure molded me to be more consistent as a person. I will revise daily and not study at the last minute anymore. Presentations, ISU, and assignments truly prepare me for my college journey. I will definitely recommend SIS to other students as it brought me various benefits academically and fond memories of high school.

Both my younger siblings, Caitanya and Saibya, were both graduated from SIS too.

Adilet Tursyn

Graduated in 2009
Completed Information Technology and Economics programme at the University of Queensland, Australia
Currently working for the Foreign Ministry in Kazakhstan

As a student at Sunway International School (SIS), I was given an amazing opportunity to grow into a global citizen. With SIS offering a diverse range of learning and extracurricular activities I instantly fell in love with the school’s positive, friendly, and academic environment. Never before I experienced such a close and spiritual connection with the school, teachers, friends, and classmates.

However, SIS was not just about getting comfortably accustomed to my new academic and social life. As a student, I was consistently encouraged and motivated by teachers to push beyond my comfort zones, challenge and express myself, and fully explore my capabilities. One occasion that very often comes to mind is my participation in the school’s orchestra band. I’ve never considered myself to be artistically talented, needless to say, I used to get stage fright just by making a presentation in class. Involvement in the band was a particularly valuable experience because it helped me overcome the little fears, stimulated creative growth, and developed my appreciation for music.

Cultural diversity was another major component that I loved during my stay at SIS. Here, I’ve made lifelong friendships and met many wonderful people from various parts of the world. Diversity among the teaching staff was present just as much as it was among the students. I was really fortunate to learn from a qualified and fully certified team of Canadian professionals, fantastic and dedicated teachers who provide guidance and get involved in all aspects of student life at SIS – making the learning environment enjoyable!

SIS has given me valuable academic and communication skills which I continued to develop during my studies in CIMP (Canadian International Matriculation Programme). Personally, CIMP was a rich learning environment filled with extracurricular activities such as various sporting events, trekking trips, and the student council.

Following my stay at Sunway, I moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2011, where I received an offer to study information technology and economics at the University of Queensland – one of the best and prestigious universities in the world.

When I look back on my years at SIS and CIMP, I realise that I've acquired an invaluable foundation essential for my future education and career.

Foo Jia Kai

Graduated in 2009, studied Masters in Public Health from Australian National University, Australia

It was in SIS where I was able to fully explore my own capabilities, and I came out the top student of my cohort year. After SIS, I went on to the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) and was able to obtain a scholarship. SIS provided me the prerequisites and knowledge to do well in CIMP. I had fantastic teachers in SIS who were more than willing to give guidance and moral support. They also organized extra-curricular activities such as football and band to help students relax after a long day of classes. I had never felt so eager to go to school and it was like my second home.

SIS has provided me with a strong foundation for my further studies in CIMP.